Political self-characterization

I have a fair percentage of in-laws or friends of in-laws that would classify themselves as conservatives or republicans. Or if not outright either of those choices, definitely NOT a liberal. As a result, I end up seeing a healthy dose of some of the crazy shit these people believe over on phaseborg. 

Without exception, these people are clear & proud supporters of 45. Most have extreme dislike for 44. 

Here’s what I don’t get about these people.

Avid supporters of 45. Believe that O was too harsh on businesses, and can’t wait for some of his (or not his, they aren’t really good at knowing who did what) regulations to get repealed. Regulations that were put in place to protect workers. Let me repeat that, because it’s important. Regulations put in place to protect the workers. 

And yet, despite apparently desiring less protection for workers, one loses their job with no real reason given, but works in an at-will state, so no real reason needs to be given, and goes on a tear about how dare companies not treat their employees with respect, and why isn’t there loyalty anymore, and employees are just trying to do what’s best for the company even if it costs them more money.

I just want to reach out and say, do you realize how incompatible and inconsistent your views are? You can’t say, let businesses have more freedom in one breath, and then condemn them for having too much freedom in the next. That doesn’t work. And honestly makes you look like a bit of an idiot.


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