Welcome (back) to blogging

I’m still not entirely sure how blogging is supposed to work. Why do people blog? There are lots of interesting blogs out there, I’ve read a few, but I don’t really follow any. More often, it happens that I’m looking up something specific and I find it by accident, or a friend on Facebook shares a link to a blog *they* find interesting.

I’ve tried blogging a few times in the past. I had a Xanga eons ago, and I’ve had a few LiveJournal accounts. (But I’ve never really liked LJ, there’s just something about it that doesn’t click with me. This already feels a bit better.) Those accounts were more… journals, I guess. I think I’d like to use this space for more essay-type writing.

Partially because while I do claim that writing is one of my hobbies, I don’t feel like I do it enough. And I’m not really that serious about it. So sometimes I feel a bit guilty saying I like writing, where I have friends who ARE writers and it’s their job, or at least their passion that on occasion offers the opportunity for them to get paid. Which doesn’t make any sense, because there are plenty of things out there that I am not serious about, but I don’t feel bad saying those are my hobbies….

Regardless. Let’s use the fact that I feel bad about not writing enough as motivation to keep this thing going!

So, what should you expect to find here? I dunno. Random stuff, I guess. Some of my hobbies include: writing, reading, listening to music, riding my motorcycle, weight lifting, photography, hookah, drawing… I guess you should expect posts on some if not all of these topics, and then some, depending on what if anything I decide to nerd out about that week…

I should also mention that while I wouldn’t list “politics” as an interest, there are several political issues I feel very strongly about, and I may use this space as a way to take that spammy / soapbox aspect away from Facebook. Partly because I know not everybody wants to read it, and partly because… well… I’m a wuss, and when I write about certain things, certain people tend to argue with me, and these are not arguments that will ever have a resolution, so I’d just as soon avoid them.

I also find philosophy to be an interesting topic. I greatly enjoyed the few philosophy classes I was able to take in college, and I keep promising myself I’ll make more time to read actual books on the subject, and not just brief Wikipedia articles. So there may be some of that here as well.

And, last but not least, I keep promising myself I will write down more of my weird dreams that I remember, and this WILL ACTUALLY HAPPEN HERE. Sometimes I think my brain just gets bored and wants to entertain me. But sometimes I think my brain has issues it needs to get out and doesn’t know how to express them, so it comes up with some really fucking weird shit. And sometimes I think the two get crossed… But I think either way, I’m going to try to start writing them down and keeping track of them more.

Alrighty, that’s enough for my intro post, since (1) my coals are probably done so I need to go grab them, and (2) I know what I want my first real post to be about. So… here it goes!


One thought on “Welcome (back) to blogging

  1. I’m blogging again, too, and spying around to see what others are writing about. I relate to your thoughts on blogging, why do it, who reads. In the past I wrote about fitness and it helped business. It feels strange to be in the blogosphere purely for fun. In any case, welcome to it again.


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